International Conference on Business Management and Information Technology (11th ICOBMIT - 2019)
   “Emergence of New Business Practices for Growth, Competitiveness & Innovation"

11th International Conference

Co-hosted by Association of International Business and Professional Management (AIBPM), Indonesia

Overview of the Conference

The businesses have grown leaps and bound in last two decades. There is growth of new businesses in all over the world. These new businesses are giving competition to the existing businesses in every area of business field. These businesses are filled with new energy, innovations and the practices of doing the businesses. The growing competition in the market challenges the old businesses and new business to adopt the new ways of doing the business. The businesses that would be more innovative may compete and achieve growth.

To discuss on the issues related to innovative business practices and need for growing the completive edge in business, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior finds it as an honor to invite Academicians, Research Scholars, Industry Executives, and Student to discuss various problems and present paper(s) related to the field of Marketing Management, Financial Management, Information Technology, Human Resource Management, Social Sciences and other Contemporary Issue by participating in three day International Conference going to be held in Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior, M.P., India, from December 28 -30th 2019.

Conference Objective
  • The main objective of this conference is to encourage domestic and international communication and collaboration by bring together the distinguished panel of speakers, leading academicians, researchers and research scholars from renowned institutions and universities, industrialists from across the globe, to exchange and share their experiences and research results.

  • To identify recent trends used by business firms for their growth and also to identify the innovative strategies used by the industries to enhance their competitiveness.

Attractions of the Conference
1. "The Best Thesis Award"
2. "Best Paper Award" Separate Track for presentation.
The Conference paper will be published in Elsevier conference proceeding and selected papers will have opportunity to be published in the following journals:
1. International Journal of trade and Global market Special Issue “Innovative Practices for global economic environment and Growth.” IPGEEG 2019 | (Scopus Listed Journal, Inderscience Publishers)
2. International Journal of Public sector Performance management- Special Issue “Emergence of new business practices for Growth, Competitiveness and Innovation.” ENBPGCI 2019 | (Scopus Listed Journal, Inderscience Publishers)
3. RAUSP management Journal (Scopus Listed Journal, Emerald Publishing)
4. Remaining papers will be published in conference proceeding from SSRN elsevier.
Who Should Attend the Conference ?
1. Academicians and policy makers seeking to gain a broader insight into the issue of Organizational Competitiveness.
2. Industrial executives and innovative leaders seeking to gain broader insight of the issue.
3. Researchers and students who are looking for expert guidance on relating to digital strategies and organisational success

Call for Papers
Original papers in different areas are invited on the following sub themes:

Subthemes in General Management
• Entrepreneurship
• Innovation in Business Intelligence
• Industry Restructuring and Evolution
• Evolution in offshoring & Outsourcing Models
• Role of PSU's, NGO's and emerging public Private Partnership
• CSR Model
• Business model innovation
• Value Chain Planing & Execution
• Situational Leadership
• Risk Management in Global Sourcing
• Global Supply Chain Management
• Corporate restructuring
Subthemes in Finance and Accounting
• Quantitative modelling in financial markets
• Corporate finance, Islamic finance and structured finance
• Financial management practices for commercial banks and micro financing institutions
• Corporate earning management
• Financial reporting and sustainability
• Financial analytics including cloud computing
• Technological advancements in Banking
• Financial inclusion
• Economic policies for trade facilitation
• Forensic Accounting
• International Financial Management
• Working Capital Management
• Financial Econometrics
• Risk Management in Banks
• Green Banking
• HR Accounting

Subthemes in HRM
• Green HR Innovation
• HR Branding
• HR Analytics
• Cross-cultural Orientation and HR practices
• Innovative High-Performance Work systems
• Change Management
• Innovative Reward Systems
• Talent Management
• Employee Engagement
• Transitions in HRM
• Innovative HR Practices
• Industrial Relations at Global level
• Psychological Well Being
• Socio-cultural issues
• Strategic HRM

Subthemes in IT
• Artificial Neural Networks
• Fuzzy Systems and Hybrid Systems
• Data Communication, Computer Network & Security
• Data Mining & Knowledge Management
• Image Processing & Pattern Recognition
• Software Engineering & Software Development
• Web Application & Web Service
• Web Information Management
• Big Data Analytics & Application
• Impact of It on Organizations & markets
• Internet & E- Commerce
• Public Policy Issues in IT
• System Analysis and Design
• Technology Adoption & Diffusion
• Machine Learning Techniques

Subthemes in Marketing
• Marketing Competitiveness
• Green Marketing
• Content Marketing
• Branding and Image Building
• Online Shopping Behaviour
• Social Media
• B2B Marketing
• Cross Disciplinary Issues in Marketing
• Sales Management
• Service Innovation
• New Product/ Service Development & Innovation
• Publicity & Public Relations
• Value Driven Marketing
• Innovation in Advertising Strategies

11th International Conference on Emergence of New Business Practices for Growth, Competitiveness & Innovation 28th to 30th December, 2019 (Brochure)

Last date for submission of abstract for International Conference November 25, 2019

Last date for submission of Full paper for International Conference November 30, 2019

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Featured model: Charlize Theron
Featured model: Charlize Theron
Featured model: Charlize Theron
Featured model: Charlize Theron