International Conference on Business Management and Information Technology (19-20 Decempber 2020)
   "Digitalization as Vehicle for Innovation, Organizational Growth and Effectiveness"

12th International e-Conference

Co-hosted by Association of International Business and Professional Management (AIBPM), Indonesia

Overview of the e-Conference

Digitalization, as we call it today, is sweeping across every aspect of our daily lives in all possible ways. Right from gathering the news we find in newspapers every morning to the billing process at our neighborhood grocery shop, it is digital technology that is making tasks faster and more accurate. The economy today is no longer driven by real currency transactions only, but also electronic transactions that take place, across the globe, within a matter of seconds. The increasing use of digital media in business communication and data dissemination has led to a rapid growth of e-commerce, m-commerce, innovation and growth across the world. Dependence on internet has led to businesses getting established over the internet and leading to faster trade of wealth and assets, in most cases by using secured internet transaction systems. Business transactions over social networking sites have led to the coining of a new term called “social shopping”. The opening up of the Telecom market and the blossoming of broadband have further paved the way for a flourishing e-commerce sector.

This is not limited to marketing and business transactions alone. Digitalization has brought a paradigm shift to the traditional ways of manufacturing, handling, storing and transporting things. Computer aided designing and manufacturing processes have revolutionized the manufacturing industry and the deployment of industrial robots (which are digitally controlled) have become the order of the day across industries.

The scope of digitalization is immense and its role on the transformation of our lives may span across innumerable business sectors. As a part of the society, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior decided to address ever-increasing competition in the market due to digitalization and innovation, wherein majority of businesses have developed a formal methodology for innovation, and many have R&D groups that explore the frontiers of science. Virtually, every organization on the planet has in recent years, worked systematically to reinvent its business processes for the sake of growth and effectiveness.

e-Conference Objectives
  • This e-conference would be an attempt to identify and acknowledge digitally innovative efforts made by businesses leading them towards enhanced performance so that the other organizations following their example may prepare themselves to face global challenges and emerge as market leaders.

  • To discuss the issues related to digitalization as vehicle for innovation, organizational growth and effectiveness, Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior finds it as an honour to invite you to discuss various innovations, practices and issues, cases and to present paper(s) related to the fields of Business, Management, Social Science, Information Technology, Tourism, Law and other contemporary issues by participating in this two day International e-Conference to be held at Prestige Institute of Management, Gwalior, (M.P), India, from December 19th-20th, 2020.

  • This e-conference brings together a distinguished panel of speakers including academicians from renowned Business Schools/ Universities/ Institutes, Management thinkers, businessmen, industry practitioners, and researchers across the world to share their views on how innovations in Management and Information Technology have resulted in emergence of businesses as market leaders in different landscapes..

Major Attractions of the Conference
1. “Five Scopus, Web of Sciences & ABDC listed" Publication Opportunities for participants.
2. “The Best Thesis Award” (Cash Prize) (only for the participants who have been awarded their Ph.D. between January 2015- September 2020).
3. "Best Paper Award" Separate Track for presentation (Cash Prize) and opportunity to Publish in South Asian Journal of Management (ABDC Listed)

Publication Opportunities
1. Selected Papers will be published (after peer review) in the Special issue of Journal of International Business and Entrepreneurship Development, (Scopus and Web of Science listed).
2. Selected Papers will be published (after peer review) in the Special issue of FIIB BusinessReview, a Sage Journal.
3. The selected papers will have opportunity for publication after double blind peer review in:
i. World Review of Entrepreneurship and Sustainable Development (Scopus Listed).
ii. International Journal of Entrepreneurship and Small Business (Scopus Listed)
iii. Journal of Global Information Management (Scopus and ABDC Listed)
4. The selected papers will have opportunity for publication after double blind peer review in Sanchayan-PJMIT
5. The selected papers will have opportunity for publication after double blind peer review in JAMI- Journal of Applied Management and Investment.
6. Selected papers will be published after peer review in an edited book published by Apple Academic Press, USA
7. The remaining papers will be published in one edited volume with ISBN Number after review.

All the submitted papers will have the opportunity to be presented during the conference. The selected papers will be considered for publication after a proper peer review process.
We also request you to motivate your colleagues and scholars to attend this workshop and circulate/forward this communication among your colleagues and scholars

Who Should Attend the Conference ?
• Academicians and policymakers seeking to gain a broader insight into innovations which have resulted in digital innovation, organizational growth and effectiveness.
• Industrial executives and innovative leaders seeking to gain broader insight on the issue.
• Researchers and Doctoral/Post-Doctoral students who are looking for expert knowledge and guidance related to digitalization for innovations, growth and organizational effectiveness

Digitalization as Vehicle for Innovation, Organizational Growth and Effectiveness

Call for Papers
Original papers in different areas are invited on the following sub themes:

Subthemes in General Management
• Application of Artificial Intelligence in Business
• Digital Security
• Internet of Things (IoT)
• Process Digitalization
• Quality Management
• Cross Cultural Management
• Leveraging Digitalization for Organizational Success
• Bridging the Gap of Interest and Action for Organizational Success
• IT Policy and Challenges
• Big Data Analytics
• Business Ethics and Corporate Governance

Subthemes in Finance and Accounting
• Creating the Future of Finance
• Integrating Business with Fintechs’
• Digital, Social Media and Tech Innovations in Financial Services
• Successful Transformation for Digitally- Savvy Financial Services Organizations
• Behavioural Science
• Shaping the Future of Marketing in Financial Services
• Digital Auditing
• Digital Financial Services
• Exponential Banking
• Digital Finance Ecosystem
• Digital Financial Supply Chain
• Fraud Management in Digital Financial Services
• Finance and Accounting ERP
• Cashless Economy and Digitalization
• Crypto Currencies
• Digital Finance Inclusion

Subthemes in Human Resource Management
• Digital Human Resources Management
• Human Resource Information System
• Digital Human Capital Management
• IT Enabled HR Practices
• Digitalization of Hr Management
• HR Analytics
• Workforce Analytics and Planning
• Organizational Behaviour
• ERP for HRM Digital Changes and Challenges of the HR Profession
• Human Capital Analytics
• Employee Relationship Management and Business Intelligence
• Digital Recruitment Strategies
• Employee Engagement Through Digital Transformation

Subthemes in Information Technology
• Machine Learning
• Cloud Computing
• Big Data and Data Mining
• Digital Image Processing and Computer Vision
• Digital Forensic
• Data Science
• BlockChain
• Mobile Computing Processing
• Digital Signal and Video Processing
• Renewable Energy
• Network Security and Ad-Hoc Network
• Web Experience Management
• Web Analytics And Testing

Subthemes in Marketing
• Digital Marketing
• Guerrilla Marketing
• Internet Marketing
• Social Media Marketing
• Online Shopping Behaviour
• Mobile Marketing and Retargeting
• Viral Marketing
• Consumer Behaviour
• Online Buying
• Content Marketing
• Mobile Shopping
• Digitalization of Customer Relationship Management
• Digital Branding and Consumer Experiences
• Marketing Analytics

Subthemes in Tourism
• Data-Driven Customer Centricity
• Catering to Millennials
• Digital Promotion of Destination
• Information Technology in Tourism
• Digital Tourism
• Virtual Reality and Application in Tourism

Subthemes in Law
• Intellectual Property Issues in Digital Marketing
• Cyber Laws Relating to Privacy and Data Collection
• The legal framework for e-payments
• Digital Commerce and Competition Laws
• Legal Issues in Digital Marketing
• Legal and Ethical Issues in e-Commerce

12th International Conference on Digitalization as Vehicle for Innovation, Organizational Growth and Effectiveness(Brochure)

Last date for submission of abstract for International Conference October 15, 2020

Last date for submission of Full paper for International Conference October 25, 2020

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Featured model: Charlize Theron
Featured model: Charlize Theron
Featured model: Charlize Theron